SiLCK Clinic for Clinicians

Interactive goal tree.

Build entries in patient's case notes with your choice of items.

Drag selected entry items onto the case notes sheet.

Co-ordinated team tasks.

Goal-centred rehabilitation

We know that rehabilitation goals, negotiated between patient and professionals, are central to good rehabilitation.  SiLCK clinic supports goal negotiation through an interactive goal tree, based on the SiLCK taxonomy of rehabilitation goals.  It enables treatment planning and recording to be built around patients goals, if desired.

Flexible electronic rehabilitation record

SiLCK Clinic won't force you into stereotyped database entries.  It offers electronic case notes that are as flexible as a blank sheet of paper.  A cabinet of entry items gives you a range of options, many of them graphical; drag the items you wish  onto the casenote sheet, to build your preferred methods of recording your findings, opinions, treatment plans and progress notes.  Design your own templates for common situations, which can be shared among colleagues


SiLCK Clinic's teamworking tools make it easy to co-ordinate all the professionals within a rehabilitation team.  Requests to colleagues can be generated within the patient's electronic casenotes.  Each professional has a personal organiser which keeps track of tasks; progress is automatically communicated within the team, and seamlessly documented in the casenotes.  Build shared checklists for key activities, like discharge planning.

Automated treatment devices

SiLCK Clinic can host compatible robotic systems, making them easy to operate without a degree in engineering.

IPAM robot hosted by SiLCK Clinic.