SiLCK Clinic for developers of treatment devices

SiLCK Clinic can host third-party treatment devices, such as robotic systems like iPAM [link to Skene Software iPAM page].  Devices using SiLCK plug-in software can be integrated within the SiLCK electronic rehabilitation record on desktop PCs; alternatively, the whole SiLCK clinic application can be embedded within the device itself


How can SiLCK Clinic help bring your device to market?

Encourages adoption by clinical staff
• clinician-friendly portal
• no need to re-enter patient data already available in the patient's record
• simplifies treatment documentation - automatic entries in patient's rehabilitation record


Takes care of data management
• device data incorporated within the patient's electronic rehabilitation record
• can be coupled to healthcare provider's patient management system
• no need to develop bespoke code
• effortlessly meet information governance requirement

Supports development of cost-effective autonomous devices
• SiLCK-based systems can automatically adjust exercise treatment to suit changes in patient performance
• enables devices to operate without direct supervision


Facilitates multiple devices
• supports patient migration between devices, without clinicians re-entering setup parameters
• can help you develop a family of compatible devices e.g. clinic and home systems